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paintball bomb props Latest News

New products are coming Spring 2013! Larger screen, more admin options, larger keypad, upgraded software, and more!

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Precision Mayhem Accessories for Bomb Prop, Wireless & Recovery Products

Add an extra touch to your current bomb prop, wireless detonation products, or recovery props to enhance your gameplay or training situations. Products such as the personal receiver, which works with all of our wireless props, is our newest accessory to a hot new line of products in development.

The Precision Mayhem accessories department is currently under development, but products are on their way. However, patents are pending.

Please check back for updates, or visit our contact form for questions about this project.

Personal Receiver

personal receiver wireless accessory Our primary accessory to our wireless devices, the personal receiver, will change the game of paintball and airsoft forever. This device is the size of a flip-style cellphone but carries with it the ability to receive signals from our wireless props and return an audible and visible confirmation of a "kill" in gameplay.

Price TBD