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New products are coming Spring 2013! Larger screen, more admin options, larger keypad, upgraded software, and more!

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Precision Mayhem Bomb Prop Products

Fat Man

front of fat man bomb prop Our flagship bomb prop, a.k.a. "Fat Man", is a durable yet complex explosives simulation device used primarily for paintball and airsoft scenario play. Originally designed within a 50mm ammunition can, Fat Man has that military look and can really take a beating. Color and graphics options are available.


The Executive

front of executive bomb prop Our newest device, dubbed "The Executive" has the same features as the "Fat Man" but in a smaller, lighter package. Built to simulate a suitcase-style bomb, and at less than half of the weight of the original, this prop is easier to carry and is discrete when you need it to be. With a single 120dB siren output at detonation, this unit is still loud enough to be heard for up to 1/8 of a mile outdoors and is extremely loud indoors.


Patents are currently pending on all of our production and development products.