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New products are coming Spring 2013! Larger screen, more admin options, larger keypad, upgraded software, and more!

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"The Executive" Portable & Durable Paintball/Airsoft/Laser Tag Bomb Prop Device with Electronic Arm/Disarm Timer and Siren Alerts

Executive bomb prop - control panel front Executive bomb prop - control panel at angle Executive bomb prop - control panel with battery cover removed Executive bomb prop - olive Executive bomb prop - black Executive bomb prop - graphite Executive bomb prop - orange Executive bomb prop - yellow

Product Specifications


9 digit changeable code (2 separate codes)

Timer Length

00:00:01 up to 99:59:59

Siren Intensity


External Siren Count


Countdown Beeper


Manual Siren


Key-locked Power

Yes (key out for power on)

LCD Characters


LCD Backlight


LCD Text Color



4x4 alphanumeric

Batteries Required

6 AA-Cell

Batteries Included


Color Options

Olive, Black, Graphite, Orange, Yellow

$249.99 USD

Qty Available:     0

New colors, new cases, and new control panels! More durable and better looking than ever!

Our second production device, a.k.a. "The Executive", is a durable yet much more portable complex explosives simulation device used primarily for paintball, laser tag and airsoft scenario gameplay. This device is encased in an ABS plastic impact-resistant and water-resistant suitcase yet is half of the weight of our other products. Since our scenario props use non-lethal means of detonation and disarm notification, the risk of injury is eliminated but the scenario possibilities are limitless. With The Executive, your opponents can be notified from up to 1/8 of a mile away that detonation has occurred and the "target" is destroyed. Two 110+db piezo sirens are used for all audio "detonations" on The Executive, keeping it lightweight yet very audible from all angles.

The Executive can also take significant punishment. Since it is designed within a highly impact-resistant suitcase body which is normally used for sensitive photography equipment, The Executive can even survive a 6 foot vertical drop onto a hard surface. The water-proof rubber gasket seal makes this entire prop water resistant when the lid is closed, too. Our new control panels inside of the case are powdercoated and designed to be resistant to marker paint, and they are also washable with a slightly damp rag. The sirens are the only components exposed to moisture but they are designed to be able to take moisture and keep on working. The Executive's internal components and electronics are secured safely within the suitcase under the control panel, providing the necessary defense against the elements and the physical exposure of paintball/airsoft scenario play and military/law enforcement training situations.

The Executive is powered by 6 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (rechargeable batteries must be removed and recharged in a separate recharger which is not included). The batteries are easily accessed through the front control panel via 2 allen screws. Each Executive ships with 6 new AA alkaline batteries which should last for over 100 hours of continuous gameplay before needing to be replaced.

New case design coming this Spring! Color options will include black, yellow, orange, olive drab, and graphite.

Contact us today to discuss your team or agency's needs.

$249.99 USD

New product coming Spring 2014! Use the link below to contact us directly so we can put you on our preorder list!

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** Sales are scheduled to be open to the general public in the spring of 2014. Contact us to be put on our list to be notified of special offers, early product releases, and more!