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New products are coming Spring 2013! Larger screen, more admin options, larger keypad, upgraded software, and more!

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"The Missile" Realistic Missile Prop with Arm/Disarm Launch Sequence

Product Specifications


9 digit code of choice

Timer Length

1 second to over 99 hours

Admin Menu


Siren Intensity

120dB siren

External Siren Count


Countdown Beeper


Manual Siren


Key-locked Power


LCD Characters


LCD Backlight


LCD Text Color



4x4 alphanumeric

Batteries Required

6 C-Cell

Batteries Included


Price TBD

Qty Available:     0

Our latest addition to our mil-sim electronic detonation devices, The Missile offers an entirely new aesthetic element to paintball and airsoft gameplay. With the same functionality as our other bomb props, our devices use non-lethal means of detonation and disarm notification so the risk of injury is eliminated but the scenario possibilities are limitless. Let the opponent know from up to a mile away outdoors that you've just destroyed your target with The Missile's high-decibel rear-facing siren. Rear red LEDs also are engaged at successful "launch" to playfully simulate a real missile's engines firing up.

The Missile's internal components and electronics are secured safely within the metal body of the device, providing the necessary defense against the elements and the physical exposure of scenario play and training situations.

Choose from multiple gameplay scenarios with The Missile. Have the team 1 carry it to a designated "launch zone" for setup, or leave The Missile already placed in the "launch" zone and send team 1 out to activate the launch sequence. Team 2 then tries to secure the launch zone to prevent The Missile from being set up or activated, or attempts to disarm the launch sequence if already initiated.

Does your scenario play ofen have players that aren't as aggressive as the gameplay calls for? Add a timed explosives simulation device to create a sense of urgency to the situation. Whether you use the arm/disarm feature to stimulate players to engage on the battlefield, or just use The Missile as a round timer, those slow players will have in incentive to engage in the action.

The versatility of our devices allows us to custom program features into your own personal missile prop. Customize codes, detonation time limits, messages and more. Enter the battlefield with a realistic-looking prop that works exactly how you need it to. No more limitations with cheap timers, quieter sirens, and garage-quality craftsmanship.

Contact us today to discuss your team or agency's needs.

Pricing TBD

New product coming Spring 2014! Use the link below to contact us directly so we can put you on our preorder list!

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