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New products are coming Spring 2013! Larger screen, more admin options, larger keypad, upgraded software, and more!

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Personal Receiver

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Our primary accessory to our wireless devices, the personal receiver, will change the game of paintball and airsoft forever. This device is the size of a flip-style cellphone but carries with it the ability to receive signals from our wireless props and return an audible and visible confirmation of a "kill" in gameplay. If you're in range of a detonated device, your personal receiver will let you and everyone around you know. With no risk of injury to you, our nonlethal wireless communication products keep you safe but make the gameplay fun and exciting. No more reloading cheesy "exploding" props on poorly designed timers - our wireless props send advanced information to and from the personal receiver with endless capabilities.

The personal receiver can take whatever punishment you can give it. It's built to be worn on your uniform in plain sight, so we designed it to withstand your body weight, taking direct shots from paintballs, and most physical impact. The receiver is also water resistant to make it easily cleanable and reusable under most any condition.

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New product coming Spring 2013! Use the link below to contact us directly so we can put you on our preorder list!

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